The Biotop of Torredembarra is the underwater pyramid of the Mediterranean

The first artificial biotope of this size in the world. A unique show that has served to regenerate the native marine fauna and flora in Torredembarra


The Biotop of Torredembarra is the first large underwater reef created in the Mediterranean.

The structure of the biotope has a conical, pyramid shape, and is made up of 40,000 tons of calcium carbonate rocks measuring between 1 and 2 m3.

The base of this impressive reef is located 34 meters deep and has a total height of 22 meters. The highest part of the underwater pyramid is 12 meters deep.

The construction of the Biotop of Torredembarra was completed in 2023 and the intention behind its project was to restore the ecological balance in the area, with the natural reintroduction of native species.

This project not only seeks to protect marine biodiversity, but also promotes environmental education and awareness in our society.

A year after its completion, the Biotop has an impressive permanent cloud of marine life around it, it has become one of the few known sunfish cleaning stations, so its sightings are common, and there have already been recorded several dives with dolphin sightings by divers.

In conclusion, the Torredembarra Biotop, with only one year of existence, has become an undisputed benchmark for underwater environmental studies and one of the most spectacular dives that can be done in the Mediterranean Sea.

See the activities in the Biotop
The Biotope
The Biotope of Torredembarra - Scuba dive with sunfish

Scuba diving in the Biotope of Torredembarra

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The Biotope of Torredembarra - Depth apnea session

Freediving session at the Biotope of Torredembarra

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The Biotope of Torredembarra - Snorkeling trip

Snorkeling trip to the Biotope of Torredembarra

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The Biotop's diving centers

There are 3 authorized diving centers to dive in the Biotop

Odysea, Subkro and MRota Diving are the diving centers that operate in the waters of the Biotop.

The 3 centers have extensive experience and proven professionalism, an essential requirement to obtain the authorization that allows them to take divers to the spectacular underwater pyramid of the Mediterranean.

To access the Biotop you just have to choose the type of activity you want to do in our Activities section, choose the number of people, the day and the time. The system will assign you one of our 3 diving centers depending on the day and time chosen

 If you are a company that wants to bring divers to the Biotop, contact us to find out the special conditions we offer to our collaborators

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